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Johns landscaping san antonio

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Gachina Landscape Management is an active member of local, state, and national landscape organizations. We are one of the top award winners in the landscape industry in the Bay Area winning to date. These awards programs help to encourage interest in landscaping and to honor outstanding achievements within the industry. We have also been recognized for our outstanding water management efforts, healthy employee guidelines and our service and commitment to the community. Since , we have been recognized by the San Francisco Business Times for being in the top 15 minority- owned companies and top 25 woman-owned companies in the Bay Area. Recent awards include:.

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Homegrown organic gardening legend John Dromgoole stops by Texas Energy Lab to discuss the spirituality of sustainability, the simplicity of organic gardening success, and what you can discover at The Natural Gardener in Austin.

He started his first garden with leftover corn kernels from the nearby mill and pinto beans, and he was tickled when the plants thrived. Much of what he learned about gardening came from observing the world around him and storing that knowledge away for future use. He remembers a gardener tossing dust up in the air over his rose bushes.

It was only years later, after John had learned about diatomaceous earth, that he realized the gardener was using a natural form of pest control.

John realizes now that there are three simple keys to a good garden: a well-adapted plant or seeds, planted in good soil, during the right season. Before making his mark in organic gardening, John started his career going a very different direction.

After getting his undergraduate degree in radio-television-film, he started a clothing boutique. An injury from a car accident lost the store. Not sure what to do next, he followed the path of his friends who had moved Austin, and he stayed for the trees and live music that made the city feel like paradise. John worked various plant-related jobs around Austin and San Antonio, accumulating wisdom in both horticulture and business.

He produced herbs, propagated trees, grew seasonal plants and flowers, learned landscaping, and helped run an organic gardening store. His Eureka moment came after he started his own landscaping business and realized that it was difficult to compete with companies using toxic chemicals while he was hoeing weeds by hand. His techniques may have seemed strange to outsiders, such as putting grasshoppers in blenders and making garlic and pepper insecticide spray. The products were simple but beyond the patience of most home gardeners.

Rather than fighting against chemical-based gardening, John decided to invite people into a vision of what organic gardening could be. That is how The Natural Gardener was created. John says that finding the eight-acre property was one of the biggest blessings of his life. I needed to show that you can feed a family or the world by doing it this way.

Sustainability at The Natural Gardener started with respect for the land and the native wildlife deer, foxes, peacock , and extends to respect for employees and customers. Today the property is a nice place for adults, kids, and dogs alike to visit and observe.

Make the journey to Old Bee Cave Rd and discover the butterfly garden, visit the nursery, make compost, walk the labyrinth, let your kids get to know the chickens and goats. Maybe you will even find John, under a baobob tree with his legs crossed, ready to talk. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. Hear More and Subscribe.

Key Personnel

Buying and selling homes just got easier. Shop for your next home along with interior finishings — lighting, hardware, flooring, decor and more, all at exclusive prices. We can provide staging, pre-listing remodeling, and exclusive pricing on last-minute upgrades to get sellers maximum returns at the closing table. We help you find the home of your dreams, and style it to make it yours. We scrutinize MLS listings and off-market opportunities to compile a list of suitable homes for you to view. We cater to international clients as well — looking for a fully furnished, turn-key residence they can immediately enjoy.

11 * John Hutton Elusive Balance Landscape, Architecture, and the Social Matrix hroughout developers and the local press hailed San Antonio's new Alamo.

Saylee Greer Landscape Architechture

Excerpted from our Society of Fellows e-newsletter, JuneThe gardens of landscape architect and Fellow John Troy have graced the pages of Garden Design , Landscape Architecture Magazine , and Architectural Digest , and have been featured in countless publications, all of which showcase his talent for blending the unique styles of his clients with the natural beauty of San Antonio. It might be somewhat surprising, then, that John had nearly completed a pre-med program before his true passion for garden design emerged. After earning a B. Today, John is president of the San Antonio Botanical Garden , after having served on its board for nearly three decades. He is overseeing a master plan—in the making for over twenty years—to make the garden an invaluable community resource. A two-and-one-half-acre multi-generational family adventure garden will engage children in nature play and ensure that hands-on nature experiences cultivate environmental stewardship. Since , John has also helped countless local residents turn their outdoor spaces into stunning natural landscapes. He explains that his passion for working on residential gardens stems from his love of working with people, as well as being inspired in his childhood by his mother's beautiful garden. Before moving to San Antonio, John spent six years at West Virginia University teaching history of landscape architecture, introductory design, and site construction.

Lighting Your Way Home

Marc runs the day to day operations at Hill Horticulture. He has work with the company since and is an expert in the art of maintaining a balanced organizational infrastructure. Before entering the world of horticulture, Marc was a United States Marine and small business owner. His experience and qualifications have helped him to create and implement the metrics that ensure any job done by Hill Horticulture is done right, from beginning to end.

In his role, John is responsible for leading the operations and strategic direction, financial and investment activities and corporate and business development initiatives across the LU family of companies. John has a background in real estate, finance and small business operations.

Can Cities Save Nature?

Davila and landscaper Mr. Vallejo to design projects using hardy plants that require little upkeep and water to improve areas of the campus along 36th street, in front of and on the side of the gym, and in front of the cafeteria. On February 26, the 8th grade students helped Mr. Vallejo begin to place the plants and shrubery that were purchased with the grant funds. The project is really taking shape! Beautification Project.

Nailing the curb appeal

In Duerler emigrated from St. Gallen, Switzerland, with his wife, Elizabeth, and at least one child, Gustav born inThey arrived in Galveston, Texas, but quickly settled in San Antonio. What is more certain is that in March Duerler officially entered a twenty-year lease with the City of San Antonio to operate concessions in the park exclusively. In accord with the lease, he maintained and developed the park, adding several natural features and attractions over the next ten years.

Saint Mary's St. San Antonio, TX [email protected]


Many times prospective buyers make up their minds on a home before even stepping foot inside the house, pinning their decision on the property's exterior appeal, said Justin Werner , a local real estate agent. They're coming around to realizing that this market is a price war and a beauty contest, and you have to win on both counts in order to get your home sold. The past two years, South Texas yards have endured some of the hottest summers on record and those toasty temperatures haven't been beneficial for traditional landscapes. But recent rains have replenished thirsty yards and with the warmer temperatures returning, professional landscapers say now is a great time to start working in the yard.

John Jacob Duerler

While enjoying the seating area close to the street, John Hare, sitting and Kelly Collin say they often meet and talk with neighbors who are passing by. The couple turned to renovating their front yard shortly after completing building their new home inWhen they moved into the house, the front yard was so thickly forested, the house was barely visible from the street. Pink muhly grass sways in the breeze in front of some salvia. All the plants in the landscape are native or adapted and drought tolerant.

She was the daughter of Emil H.

John G. The bench is designed and smithed by Lars Stanley. Photo by: Marion Brenner. Named for the Georgia plantation in Auntie Mame, Peckerwood has earned plaudits for its astonishing collection of plants—largely from Mexico and Texas but also Asia—and for the horticultural skill with which Fairey grows them. It also deserves attention for the artistic design of its landscape—unusual for the garden of a collector, in which acquisition often supersedes design considerations. Fountain heads by Otis Huband. In the summer of , Fairey joined Lowrey on one of his expeditions to the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range in northeastern Mexico.

It's getting cold! If you have any tropical plants time to bring them inside to keep warm with you or cover them to keep warm :. Call now. Reviews Rated 4.

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